Winter sales

Our soaps

Daniel Andre deploys its know-how to the care of your skin, with its new range of soaps derived from ancestral recipes. These refined and delicate soap blocks, decorated with two pieces, transform into a fine and creamy lather on contact with water.

Body donkey milk

Moisturises and soothes.

Face vegetable coal

Absorbs impurities.

Our candles


With a hint of thyme, pine, cedar, rosemary and lavender, the garrigue recalls the fine summer and spring weather on the Mediterranean soil.

Bougie cendre Daniel Andre


Your senses will be filled with these scents that cry out for truth, taking you in the blink of an eye to the great forests with their bewitching perfumes.

Our accessories

Un soir d'hiver

Rediscover the magic of an ancient time by lighting your candles with our long matches made of soft wood.

Discover us

Bougie parfumée Equinox décor marbré


There is nothing better than a beautiful Daniel Andre candle to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. We share with you some of our manufacturing secrets :

· A French know-how

· A 100% vegetable wax

· A 100% cotton wick

· A high concentration of 10% perfume

We carefully choose the best raw materials in order to concoct refined and elegant products for you.

L'art d'offrir lettre cachetée daniel andre


We pack all your candles and matches with the utmost care. Feel the inner sensations of yesteryear by discovering the scents that will adorn your interiors.

Daniel Andre cultivates the art of good giving through his small attentions. To help you discover new scents, a sample will accompany each of your purchases.

The art of perfume

Choose a vegetable, animal or mineral wax ?

Several waxes are used in candle making, but what do you really know ? Are they harmful ? Are they natural ?

Our care tips for long-lasting vegetable wax candle

We give you a few tips on how to care for your candles for longer, take advantage of our expertise.

A French and vegetal candle, why choose it ?

Boosting French industry is no easy task. Help us to develop it.

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