Daniel Andre Premium Candle: 5 differences to large area candles

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Candles create an atmosphere and bring back memories. They leave room for the imagination. There are two types of candles on the market; the so-called top-of-the-range candles such as Daniel Andre with a higher price than those found in shops. But then, what are the differences? Here are 5 elements to answer your questions:

1) Very well made, Daniel Andre top-of-the-range scented candles have become real decorative objects and even luxury items in the most beautiful interiors.

2) The fragrances used are of superior quality and can cost up to 6 times more than those used for candles sold in supermarkets.

3) The quantities of perfume used are between 8 and 12%, whereas most candles sold in shops have perfume contents of 2 to 3%.

4) The wicks used for Daniel Andre candles are a very important element for the balance of the candle. Indeed, the quality of the wick will contribute to a better combustion and therefore to an excellent diffusion of the perfume.

5) The vegetable wax used for our perfumes candles is of high quality, allowing an optimal burning. This is all the difference with a supermarket candle whose wax is often tinted, which will hollow out in the middle and whose wick will not burn all the way to the end.

Daniel Andre candles are a must for lovers of good scented candles that are environmentally friendly and Made in France. To this we would add that our hand-made candles are hand-cast near Nîmes!

They will fit naturally in all your interiors with a delicate perfume that will delight you.


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