Our care tips for long-lasting vegetable wax candle

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Have you bought your first candle or have you just been given one, but don't know how to use it ? There are a few tricks to keep your candle looking new and to make it last for a long time. Follow these tips to help you take better care of your candle.

Trim the wick

For a first use or before any use, it is important to cut the candle wick. For this, the length of the wick should measure between 0.5 cm and 1 cm from the surface of the wax. Note that the longer the wick, the faster the candle burns.

Cutting the wick regularly will keep it straight and centred. This allows the candle to burn beautifully and without smoke. Moreover, if the wick is held straight, the candle wax can melt evenly.

Let the candle burn

If you wish to welcome guests and wish to light your candle, please make sure to do so at least 1 hour before they arrive. This will allow the wax to melt enough to fill the rim of the container. In this case, your candle will be able to light evenly.

Lighting the candle before the guests arrive will also allow the scent to spread throughout the room to surprise them.

Extinguish the candle

It is important to know that your candle should not be lit for more than 4 hours to prevent the wax from spilling over the surface and becoming deformed. Use a snuffer instead of blowing it out, as this may leave a smoke mark on the candle.

Once the candle is out, make sure you cover it with a lid as much as possible to avoid dust, especially if you do not light it regularly. If there is no cover, be sure to clean the surface with damp cotton wool before lighting it to remove dust.

Avoid placing your candle in a draught

You are unaware that the draught can direct the flame of your candle in all directions, which would cause the surface to deform. The draught can even extinguish your candle. As a precaution, you should ventilate your room after each use.

Refocus the wick after each lighting

After burning, the wick is usually deflected and may even sag on the surface. In some cases, the wick can blacken the candle glass. It is therefore important to re-centre the wick after each use and while the wax is still hot. To re-centre it, use pliers to avoid getting burned by the wax.

Follow these few steps to the letter and your candle will burn evenly and last longer. These tips are suitable for our Daniel Andre candles but also for all scented candles, pillar candles and other candles.


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