Sometimes beautiful family stories give birth to an entrepreneurial adventure...
Daniel Andre is from that one.

Imagine entering a large, old-fashioned house... And, as you gradually walk through the different rooms, you find yourself immersed in a flood of memories.

But it is above all the very special scent that catches your attention: a perfume made of wax, of tasty dishes that have been simmering for hours, of dried flowers from the fields and garrigue with intoxicating accents, very close to the house...

Wouldn't it be possible to share all this?
It is possible, with the help of carefully chosen plants, selected perfumes or even very pure floral elixirs, to capture what made the specificity and richness of these moments of yesteryear... to find them simply in an exceptional candle.

Experiencing Daniel Andre candles is exactly that: to experience almost instantly beautiful inner sensations that bring a deep joy to the heart .


The first idea was to create a text logo, simple but with a strong style. Calligraphy is an art that breathes life into the message, each character is an artistic creation.

To this lettering, we decide to add a touch of daring. We add the faces of Daniel and André, who inspired the brand.
A wreath adorned with flowers creates the link between the lettering and the faces. Flowers symbolize all the wonderful scents that nature makes available to us, as well as the desire to respect our environment.


Daniel Andre designs his candles in France, in a French factory. Our wax maker carefully chooses the best raw materials, the wax we use is 100% vegetable. Moreover, we use a 100% cotton wick to obtain a better burning, which is not harmful.

Grasse, the recognised capital of perfume. This is where we design our fragrances in collaboration with the best noses. Our candles are designed with a 10% concentration of perfume, a high quality to awaken beautiful inner sensations.

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